7 Interesting Easter Traditions in the World

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Here are 7 interesting Easter traditions you might want to know!

Easter was derived from the old English word Easterdæg, which means traced back. Although it is one of the most important Christian holidays, it dates back to Anglo-Saxon England, before Christianity. Today, it is a fun holiday, especially for children and some countries and cultures made it funnier with interesting traditions.

Here are 7 interesting Easter traditions you might want to know:

1. Egg Rolls (Washington D.C. – The United States)

White House in the United States has had an interesting tradition since the nineteenth century. Every Easter, children are given a boiled egg on a spoon. They run to the finish line and try to win the race. Of course, they need to keep their eggs on their spoons.

2. Sweet Treats (Russia)

Of course, no one can think of Easter without delicious foods. Russians take this one step further with their traditional sweets. They serve these treats to their guests and people who visit them from the door. The two most important treats are pashka, a kind of cheese dessert, and kulich, sweet bread baked with raisins.

3. Giant Omelet (France)

Every Easter, thousands of eggs are used to cook the largest omelet in the world and feed as many people as they can. In general, they use around 5,000 eggs and feed more than 1,000 people. In 2019, they cracked more than 15,000 eggs too.

4. Shooting the Church (Chios – Greece)

There is a battle going on between two churches in Chios today and it dates back to 1889. Every Easter, members of these churches fire fireworks toward the opposite church and try to hit the bell. The first team that hits the bell will be the winner.

5. Easter Witches (Sweden)

Easter resembles Halloween in Sweden. Every Easter, Swish parents dress their kids as Easter witches and let them walk in the neighborhood. Kids exchange the artwork they craft for treats. They also light bonfires and gather around them too.

6. Egg Tapping (Bulgaria)

Egg tapping is one of the amazing games that strengthen the bonds in the community. Every Easter, Bulgarians gather and make a competition. The goal of the competition is to crack as many eggs as you can while keeping your eggs in good shape. It is believed that the winner of the competition will not suffer any health problems in the following year.

7. Flying Kites (Bermuda)

Another interesting tradition is flying kites. Every Easter, kids in Bermuda craft colorful kites and fly them! It is believed that a school teacher started this tradition while trying to explain the resurrection of Jesus with a kite.